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    My name is Marina Vezhnovets and I am a principal of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus. Я прима-балерина, которая прошла долгий творческий путь, приобретая богатый опыт, и теперь готова поделиться им с вами.
The aim of our teaching is to develop all the most beautiful things in children – grace, artistic qualities, figure and, of course, teach to dance. The ballet includes not only classical dance (this is its basis), but also a characteristic dance and modern dance. Also our school is engaged in preparation of children for professional ballet competitions and for entering any choreographic school.

Young children may begin at age 3 in our special creative movement and pre-ballet classes which serves as an introduction to ballet. Academic ballet lessons are for children starting at age 6 and are structured to create the basic skills of classical ballet, to reveal potential creativity of each student, their aesthetic upbringing and introducing them to high art of ballet.

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